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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Long Weekend Beading

Beading and travel - how do you traipse your beads all over the world? I know you do it. We bead in the car, on picnic blankets, on the subway, and we even used to do on the plane - back in the day when they allowed us beadweavers to take needles on the plane.

Personally, I've got a lightweight aluminum makeup artists case. However, we all know that beads can weigh quite a bit. And if you have the room (just like a big purse) you'll fill it. The case is quite awkward  and heavy once full. I've also got a few of those travel bead boards with lids. They're handy for works in progress.

Are any of you planning on traveling with beads this weekend/ How do you plan to transport them?


Anonymous said...

Best thing I have found----rolling knap sack!! Fill that sucker up till it is bulging and it rolls behind you like a little pack mule! Not too costly and holds tons and the handles scroosh down for shoving it into that last little bit of space in the van!!

Unknown said...

Oooo, I love the rolling knap sack idea! So far I've used the 6"x12" plastic containers with lids that can be purchased at any Dollarama store. I toss all the goodies in there for the projects I need and away I go! Also, I'm totally serious, everytime I need to wait for any length of time, I bead. I wait for Dr.'s appoints etc and I usually make either wire wrapped rings or wire wrapped twisty charms that I sell in my shops. I can't just sit and not do anything so I work on my projects. I tend to get customers that way too as I generate interest in what I am doing. lol
~ UxCritter
p.s. Please say Hello! to Murida for me. I haven't seen her in a long while. :-)