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Thursday, September 09, 2010


I was thinking this morning that we rarely talk about anything lampwork related on our blog. Strange that, as we are a lampwork studio after-all. It was certainly our main thing when beadFX first started many, many years ago. Over 10 in fact!

Dwyn, our webmistress - and most excellent writer is also a very talented lampwork artist. While I would love to take credit for that, I didn't in fact actually teach her how to make beads. I tried however:

Dwyn was our very first employee back in the early days. One day, it was a little slow (or so we thought). I asked her if she wanted me to show her how to make a bead. So we sat down, and I think I managed to demo one or two. She moved over to the torch glass in hand - started to make a bead, and then the phone rang. I didn't get a chance to come back! The rest is history. She's run with it in a very big way. You can check out her personal blog -

10 years later - almost all of the employees at beadfx have at least taken a real class in making beads. Some love it, some not so much. I always like to say - with glass, there is no just sorta liking it. It's a passion, or it's not for you. No in between!  I've taken many hiatuses from beadmaking over the years. Either pregnant, or just too busy - but I always come back to it.

We'd love for you to come check out the studio any time - Rosemary is more than happy to give a tour of the studio. If I'm in (which unfortunately is a rare occurrence these days due to scheduling between the kids, and hubby) - I'm more than happy to spend a bit of time offering demo's - unless the phone rings ;-)


dragonjools said...

Too funny. On Thursday night, one of my students repeated this story back to me! Everything comes full circle.

Thursday evening, after 7, I'm in the studio - so that is a good time to come by for a demo too.

dragonjools said...
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dragonjools said...

I removed the second post because it was duplicate.