Monday, September 27, 2010

One-off Free-form Cabochons

Got another batch of one-of-a-kind, free-form cabochons in the store. These won't be going up on the website - you're just going to have to come into the store to get them. Such a hardship, I know. Spending time in a light, airy store surrounded by all the beads and tools and findings. Getting all sorts of ideas for all kinds of other things you can make. Maybe even striking up a conversation with someone who actually appreciates a good bead the way you do. Tragic. Make a day of it. ;-)

Here's some selected cabs as eye candy.

Obviously - this next one is Picture Jasper - with this view of the mountains - it's easy to see how the stone gets it's name!

Looks like Imperial Jasper - those silky peach and tan tones.

Can you not just see the geological forces at work - creating these stones? Like little polished slices of history!

This almost looks like a slice of bone or a branch of an ancient tree!

This could be an impressionist painting of a vineyard, about to be decimated on the slopes of Mt. Vesuvius.
Definitely looks wood-like!

There is something heart-breaking about this piece - irregular pillars of crystal - thrusting up - over a torn landscape.

This - THIS - looks for all the world like a - guitar pick.

The cherry blossom festival, no?

As for what to do with them - you can go as simple as gluing a bail on the back, like last week's post, to elaborate beaded bezels, or even traditional silversmithing techniques. Wire wrapping too! Just cause it doesn't have a hole - doesn't mean you can't use it.

(Prices range from around 9.95 to 24.95 - depending on size and rarity of the stone.)


Susanna Originals said...

S'okay for all you guys that actually live within driving distance of the store but for all of us out in the boonies of PEI, that's just a tease. We don't even HAVE stones!

Figgs said...

Ah, but you have red earth, grin. Your blog made me kinda homesick cuz my father was born in Bedeque.

Maybe I could swap you cabs for cabins, or some such. (just kidding). I love the Island!! When we get back down there, I will come calling for sure.

A Bowness by birth.

Figgs said...

Ahhh, but you have red dirt!! (G)

Your blog made me slightly "homesick" cuz my Dad was born in Bedeque. Maybe I could swap a cab or two for a cabin........just kidding.

Next time we get to the Island, I will come round for tea (or whatever).

A Bowness by birth