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Monday, September 20, 2010

Velour Tubing

I'm still having fun with these Dragon's Eyes and gluing them. (There's the ring from last week again. Camera hog.)

I wanted a nice simple thing to hang one off - and this new velour tubing was passing across my desk ... .

My initial thought with the velour was that you could use as a cover for memory wire, and, in fact, you can. But I think I like it much better for this - it is over regular softflex.

And it hides the crimps!

Just cut your tubing to the length you want.

Attach your crimp and clasp to one end of the softflex - and you can use the plain old dull original for this, and thread through the tubing. Scrunch up the tubing just the tiniest bit - and attach the crimp and the other half of the clasp on the other end. Then, when the tubing relaxes back out to full length, it covers the crimp and all you see is the clasp.

Make sure you don't scrunch up the tubing too much, because if it can't expand back to it's full, natural length, you get a permanent buckle/wave in the necklace. Not so good. Just a couple of mm is all you need - enough to cover the crimp.

I like the look of it - soft and elegant and casual at the same time.

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