Monday, December 01, 2008

Where is it Made?

Dear beadFX

I just started making jewellery, and I sold a necklace to someone in the U.S. I had to fill out a customs form when I mailed the package - and it asked me for the country of origin of the item I was shipping.

I know that some of the beads were made in the Czech Republic, and some were made in Japan, and there was a handmade bead that was made with Italian glass.

I just put that the necklace was made in Canada - but is that right? Do I have to list all the other countries too? I mean, it was just a simple strung necklace - nothing fancy.

Did I do right?

Geographically Confused.


Dear Confused

You did fine - by stringing all those components into a necklace - even a simple one - you have changed them sufficiently that the whole necklace is now "Made in Canada."

And congratulations on your sale!

beadily yours

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