Saturday, December 27, 2008

Jen's Bracelet Variations

Last week - Jen promised to show you some variations on a bracelet that she made for the Inspirations. But then, she had some technical difficulties. Jen finally managed to locate the bracelets - but not the photos - so she sent them with me for shooting.

Here they are. The original bracelet is in the centre - and the colour variation is on the left is the second one. This is a pleasing combo of dark blue, light blue and light mauve.

The third variation, however, proved to be quite interesting. Instead of the 6 and 8 mm pearls - this is made with 4 and 6 mm pearls - and it changes the look and feel quite a bit.

The bracelet is a little more restrained, and, in Jen's words - and I can do no better - "less bobbly."

The smaller beads also expose more of the underlying crystal beads - giving this a little more glitter.

Try this as pretty variation of Mixed Metals. The construction is the same - the only difference is the step-down in size in the pearls.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks! The variations are great!