Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kate McKinnon arrives at Beadfx!!

As many of you may have already heard, Kate McKinnon is returning to Beadfx in May of 2009! We are very excited to have her back and are anticipating a great week of classes.

We are currently updating our systems and therefore cannot post the classes on the site yet. All of the details will appear on the site as soon as I can get them on there. That being said, I will post some details here and if you are interested you can book now by calling the store.

Tuesday May 19th 2009
Fine Silver Findings and Components
Beginner Level
$250.00 class fee and approximately $100.00 kit fee.

Wednesday May 20th
Fine Silver Metal Clay Chain
Beginner Level
$250.00 class fee and approximately $100.00 kit fee.

Thursday May 21st and Friday May 22nd
Mixed Metals! Fine Silver and Bronze Clay with Fine Silver Fusing
Intermediate Level
10-5pm both days
$450.00 class fee and approximately $150.00 kit fee

Saturday May 23rd
Buildings, Boxes and Birdhouses
Intermediate Level
$250.00 class fee and approximately $100.00 kit fee

Please note that kit fees are approximate and will be finalized closer to the class dates.

For pictures and more detailed descriptions visit Kate's website at click on her journal and on the Toronto section and all of the details and pictures are posted there.

If you are looking for something a little sooner, we still have lots going on in the New Year.

Robert Burton's Wire Wrapping 101 will begin again on January 4th

Laurie-Anne Clinton's YoYo Leaf Bracelet on January 8th

Suzanne Crudden's Metal Smithing 101 begins on January 14th

Charmed I'm Sure on January 10th

Cindy Vrooms Basic Bead Stitching 101 class begins on January 22nd

NEW--Pearl Knotting with Suzanne McNenly on January 17th

Photopolymer Plate with Suzanne McNenly on January 31st

Catherine Winter also has 2 classes this month How to Price your Jewelry-Starting a Microbusiness on January 15th and How to Have a Successful Craft Show on January 24th.

Learn to Make Glass Beads with Amy Waldman-Smith on January 23rd and 24th.

Happy Beading to All

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