Saturday, December 27, 2008

Basement Craft Room Project - The beginning

I've got a week off. Can I completely organize the mess you see below into a decent craft room in one week, and on a serious budget? I tried to do this about a year ago, but life got in the way, and it was never finished. Now the whole situation is far worse than it ever was. :-)

The goal is to get rid if the years of accumulated junk, organize, brighten it up, and install a sink.

What we're working with is an unfinished basement, lots of already available storage options, and about $700 in Christmas money/gift cards. With that, I'll need to buy a sink, paint, and lighting...hmmm, sounds a little optimistic.

The basement, when done will have a couple of clearly defined areas. One is my lampwork studio - although due to carpal tunnel I haven't been able to make beads, I still have hope.

The second area is for my beads, and jewellery - need to be able to have my foredom, and other tools set up - plus plenty of work space.

The 3rd area is for my mother and I, for our soap crafts and storage.

And finally, I need a big table that can be used for assorted other crafts, or anytime I need to spread out. Also, I'd like this space to be a bright, cozy spot that I can do crafts with my daughters.

Fortunately, we already have a lot of tables, and shelving that can be put to better use. Today is mainly organization. We'll be doing the odd dump run, and a couple drop offs to charities. Whatever can be salvaged to be given away will go to charity boxes.

I can't believe I'm about to post the photos below. basement is a complete disaster zone. I'm pretty embarrased about this, but I'm sure I'm not quite the only one who's basement looks like this. And hey, If this encourages anyone else to take control of their space - then it's worth it!


The Dixon Chick said...

WHOA! You are ambitious! I believe in you and am sending organizing vibes your way. I am doing the same thing over here - however, in a two bedroom apartment - there is no basement. I have a 7 foot credenza arriving tomorrow!

But - there seems to be something missing from your list....

Don't you have some yarn that you'd like to talk about???????

jen said...

Shhhhh...that's in the bedroom ;-)