Friday, December 05, 2008

Inspirational Quotes

On the wall of the studio, someone stuck up a quote, which says in essence:

The more I do what I am supposed to do, the more I become who I am supposed to be.

(I may have the exact wording wrong, and I can't remember the author.)

But it's food for pondering, and I ponder it quite a bit, as some days it seems to be words to live for, and other days, it seems simplistically obvious. But one thing is clear - it mattered enough to someone to write it down and put it on the wall.

The quotes that people love (and make a point of sticking on the walls) are fascinating - they say as much about the quoter as the quotee!

For instance - I received an email today with this quote from Picasso..."Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."

It's a lovely quote on the one hand, and on the other, it seems bleak, and implies that art is separate from life.

So what is my favourite quote? Well - this is the one I drag out most often:

Give ideas away - there are new ones underneath.
-- Diane Vreeland

And I love this because it celebrates sharing new ideas and not being afraid to teach and show off new discoveries. It shuns the miserly hoarding of knowledge and reassures that if you discover a new beadmaking technique, or a new way of working a beading stitch - that if you teach it and show it off, in the process of sharing it, even more new ideas will come to you - and so it perpetuates the cycle of sharing and learning.

So - what are your favourite quotes, and why? Share your inspirational quotes by leaving a comment on this post, and if you're worried that we'll all read too much into it - well - just make it anonymous. ;-)


Madelaine said...

Love the quotes
I was just at this site where they had all these motivational and inspirational refrigerator magnets and I got a bunch of them. They were really cool with funny original sayings:)
Anyway, thanks for sharing the quotes, I loved them!

Famous Quotes said...

Thanks for these inspirational quotes. Its good.

Mona said...

Love the quotes. Here's one of my faves:

Let a joy keep you.
Reach out your hands
and take it when it runs by!
- carl sandburg

Anonymous said...

Here's one of my favorites, on the lines of Mona's:

"On with the dance, let joy be unconfined" ~ Mark Twain