Sunday, December 21, 2008

Eye Candy - Buccellati Jewelry

Now, here's a website that I would normally hate - it does things that I consider to be poor design. For instance - it expands the browser window to full width - I hate it when web designers want to control my computer, and it really is little more than an electronic version of a paper catalogue. Complete down to the page turning interface.

But oh, the jewelry! The Jewelry! It is so beautiful - all is forgiven! The "High" jewelry collection - and the piece "Torchon" - like a massive, twisted rope of gold! And the watches! And the silversmith work! The Jam Jars! Are they not wonderful? Never mind what I said about the web design - the site is beautiful!

Bravo! Buccellati Jewelry!

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The BeadFX Buyer said...

Lovely website, but I couldn't help thinking that one could make something pretty close to those with some seedbeads and some filigree pieces. For instance, the butterflies on page 50 are almost identical to the butterfly filigree pieces I picked up in NYC for the store. Just a few seedbeads or chatons glued to the edges and voila!