Sunday, December 07, 2008


Here's a new exclamation for your lexicon: Fail! It's not a new word - just a new way to use it. For instance - I was in the grocery store t'other night, and there was a wonderful display of big, fat yams (well - actually - sweet potatoes - not "true" yams - but I grew up calling them yams and the word yam is inherently funny. Much like snazzy and weasel. Snazzy weasel yams. Just try not smiling!) - annnnyhooo - I stopped dead in my track (have you noticed what scrawny yams the stores have been offering lately?) - and I looked up to check the price - and the sign said: "Cluster Tomatoes."

And me still without a camera cellphone.

And I thought - "Produce Labeling Fail" - and this website: Make sure you go back far enough for the "ice sculpture fail."

I'm also starting to find the comments on these various site as least as amusing as the actual postings.

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