Thursday, October 09, 2008

Planning a wedding? - Bling it with Swarovski

The other day along with a pile of other mail that I don't want to look at (bills, invoices, filing) all that fun kinda stuff, was a neat package from Swarovski. The non fun stuff got pushed to the side for a bit (just a bit as it does still need to get done at some point) sigh.

In this package, which I haven't had a chance to look through in complete detail yet, was a small stack of booklets about the upcoming Tucson Show in February, and 4 wedding booklets. There is some neat ideas there on how to add some Swarovski bling to your dress, your jewelry, your shoes, and even your cake! We're keeping some of the books in the store, but I have 2 extra ones that I'm willing to send out to the first two people who comment on todays post. Everyone else will have to get by with viewing all the info on the Swarovski site. Here's the direct link to Love Is In The Air

In other Swarovski news, they have come out with two new colours for the season. Dark Indigo, and Indian Pink. We should have these colours in time for the upcoming Creativ Festival

Here are some pics of the new colours. Excuse the photos, as I just took them on my cell phone.


Jo-Ann said...

Wow... the dark blue Swarovski colour looks awesome. I can already see some projects that I can use them in. See you at Creativ Festival next weekend!

Zena said...

What?! Almost 8:30pm and no-one has commented yet? Okay,I'm not planning a wedding, but I'm a sucker for anything colourful and shiny, so...

Can I have one of those booklets please?

Pretty please, with Swarovski crystals on top?!

jen said...

ok, everyone is sleeping today :-) Or else no one likes free stuff...hmmmm.
Jo-ann and Zena - email with your coordinates.


Heather said...

Sob.....I was a the dentist's office having a rather painful root canal!!

Otherwise I would have put my 2 Swarovski's worth in. Can't wait till we see those new ones.