Friday, October 24, 2008

Jewellery News

The front page of the Toronto Star this morning was splashed with an article re: recalled toys and children's jewellery - Made in China, loaded with lead. Some of it even tragically labeled lead-free. Mostly sold through dollar stores - these items continue to slip past testing (and realistically - how much testing could be done?) and make it onto the shelves here. It's sad - and an argument for sure for sitting down with your granddaughters and nieces (and grandsons and nephews) and teaching them to make jewellery from components that you know and trust! There's a moral in here somewhere about trying to turn lead into "gold."

On a happier note - the Royal Ontario Museum's (ROM) exhibit of diamonds opens on Saturday. Called "The Nature of Diamonds" - there will be some fabulous diamond jewellery on display. I know I've had it on my calendar for months. The ROM is also offering a series of lectures related to diamonds - although I can't easily find the info on the website - I do know about it because they put a flyer in the paper. Guess their advertising department supersedes their web development budget! Imagine! What noive!

And, if you are looking for a more intimate jewellery event - our own Sailorgirl - Catherine Winter is having a Party/Jewellery Preview at her new studio. Catherine teaches our jewellery business classes ("How to have a successful craft show" and "Pricing your jewellery - Starting a micro business.") If you are a fan of her happy, shiny jewellery - or just to see what the queen of marketing is doing - why not step down to her studio and have a boo. That's at:

Flux + Form
116 ½ Sherbourne St

Friday October 24 6 – 9 p.m. Wine and cheese, beads and jewelry, Gallery Opening!
Saturday October 25 12 – 6 p.m. Coffee, tea and cookies, beads and jewelry!

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