Thursday, October 30, 2008

Collect the Whole Set

Remember those ads as a kid - "Free plastic dohickey in every box of choco-frosted sugar bombs. Collect the whole set!"

Well - we must have developed "collect the whole set"-itis from watching those commercials - because, over the years - I have definitely noticed a tendency for all of us here to want to carry every single bead colour, shape, variation in any given line of beads.

In the spirit of that - we are pleased to note that - with a few exceptions of colours that may be on back order with the manufacturer - and pending their development of new colours, of course - we now have the full line up of the Toho size 8/0 seedbeads, and the Toho Triangles.

Bwa ha ha ha! Soon we will control all the beads, in all the worlds! Bwa ha ha ha. Ooops - was that my outer voice?

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