Friday, October 17, 2008

The BeadFX Buyer in the Big Apple

I'm in NYC for a little shopping and a little R&R. This is Bead Week in NY, culminating in two shows this coming weekend.

First I stopped in to one of the big Swarovski distributors. They tend to have some of the Out Of Production stuff that is difficult to get elsewhere. Out Of Production, or OOP in Swarovski-speak means that they are no longer making the item. Every month, there's a big list of items that Swarovski declares is now OOP. This doesn't necessarily mean that it is gone forever. Swarovski usually hedges their bets by saying that they will manufacture more if they get enough orders for it. However, they specify a minimum quantity which is often enormous.

Swarovski's decision to discontinue making some item or other is a whole 'nother topic that I'll rant about at some future date.

Anyhow, back to NYC. I managed to get some OOP bicones in colours that we are currently out of, plus the elusive 12mm Margaritas in Vitrail Medium! Without these babies, you can only make a 3-stack Christmas tree, which is a pretty mingy tree, IMHO. Now, you can make a decent 4-stack tree for earrings. But I could only get a couple of gross, so grab 'em if you want to make a larger tree, 'cause they won't last long.

Today I bought freshwater pearls, to restock our rather pathetic display on the west wall of the store. Big pearls are the fashion these days, so I got 11-12mm potato pearls in a few colours. Also stocked up on the ever-popular coin pearls and Biwa sticks and the usual basics. I always try to buy as close to the source as possible and this NY company is run by the sons of the man who owns a pearl factory in China. I like them because their quality is decent for the price. At the moment the selection is getting low but come Tucson next January they will have all their new colours and shapes.

Tomorrow, off for some more shopping.

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