Saturday, October 18, 2008

The BeadFX Buyer in the Big Apple - Day 2

Today I spent some time at one of my stranger bead places. This warehouse is run by an old gentleman and his daughter who buy out the stocks of stores or jewelry-related businesses that have closed down. There are rooms and rooms full to the ceiling with boxes. The only way you can move around in this place is to pick up the box in front of you, drop it behind you, take the next box, put it behind you, etc until you have cleared a box-sized spaced in front of you. Take one step forward and then repeat....

This was about the only place there that had enough open space for me to take a picture. Obviously there's a lot of junk in here, but then, one man's junk can be the making of someone else's Steampunk treasure.

Vintage? Yeah, lots of it, if you know it to see it and have the persistence to dig through a gazillion boxes to find it. I got myself a cardboard box full of cool stuff.

The next stop was to a more conventional store. This place specializes in Czech beads. They are always firstest with the blingiest, but they suck at consistency. They already have the new stuff that we saw at the Czech Bead fashion show about a month ago.

Good thing I've got a heavy-duty shopping cart because between these two places, I could barely drag the stuff the 15 or so blocks to the friend's apartment where I am staying. I had to walk, of course because getting a cab during rush hour, in spitting rain? Fugeddaboudit!!

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