Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Orders galore!

Dwyn is taking off on vacation at just the perfect time...lucky her! All of us in the store are in for one very, very busy week. We've got a couple of exciting things going on. First of course, is picking, processing and shipping all of the orders that came in throughout the sale. I've got a pic of the table behind where Lee sits. Let's just day this is only about 5% off all the actual orders. These ones will be shipped out today, many have been shipped out already, and even more still are in the process of being picked and cross checked. Whew! - Thanks everyone!

Here we have Nadine, Andrea, Erin, and Rachel all trying to get to the exact same stock to pick orders :-)

And here's one of Sue pretending to be happy :-)

We're also working on putting together some kits for the Creativ Festival next week. We will be there selling, and doing a ton of demos. We've even reserved part of our booth space just for demo purposes. Here's a pic of Cynthia putting together some snowflake kits:

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