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Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Toy

This is entirely Dwyn's fault. Yes, I must place the blame completely on her..Ok, well not so much. About a year ago, Dwyn and I were talking about those cool die cut machines that are used for scrapbooking. Neither of us do any scrapbooking at all, and really couldn't imagine a use for this expensive, but really, really cool machine. We've both been coveting one though.

Yesterday, during an impromptu meeting regarding the our plans to redecorate the studio along with improving organization and lighting (YAY!) - we discovered that this nifty die cutter, also cuts vinyl. - We found a use, we can make our own decorations! And of course, have the ability to change them at will, only for the cost of new paper.

So, on my way home last night while making grossly over-substantiated claims to my husband on just how many thousands of dollars (heheh) we'll save on decorating expenses, by being able to create our own. I didn't tell him that our decorating budget is nil....I'd really rather buy more beads :-)
- We got a Cricut Expression. It's the new one that will cut 12" x 24". I set it up briefly last night, but it was pretty late by that point (2 AM). I'm hoping to have some more time tonight to see what it can do. You can get home decor, and shophelper cartriges, along with one called bags, tags and boxes. That one looks promising. You can make your own jewelry boxes and tags! - see ma, there is a use for this thing :-)

So, if you see fancy jewelry tags, and pillow boxes for sale in the store, it's only because I got really excited and made thousands of them. :-)

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dragonjools said...

that's ok - you can blame me for this one!