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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Stephanie Dixon Class

The staff got a little preview of Stephanie Dixon's Crochet with metal class. What happened was, we posted the class to our customers, and I then discovered that the class had completely filled up with staff! - no room for customers! That didn't seem fair at all, so I pulled all the staff out, and brought in Stephanie to teach just the staff. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it that day, but I heard the class was a huge, huge success. Rosemary reports that they got quite rambunctious in the classroom - tons of giggles and laughter were heard through the classroom walls. Everyone finished their necklaces during the class!

Here is a pic of what Dwyn made.

I know the next class scheduled is full (don't worry - not with staff!), but there is room in the next class. We're also working on adding a few more dates for this to be extremely popular class!


dragonjools said...

I'd like to say that Stephanie is a patient and kind instructor. I have absolutely NO previous experience with crochet, and can barely knit for that matter. So I was learning from scratch completely. Fortunately, the medium is so forgiving that even the crude first stitches look fine in the finished piece.

I was quite impressed with the end result! I've gone onto make another since then!

Anonymous said...

It was a blast teaching the awesome team at beadFX. The creations the ladies made inspired me. Dwyn is correct in saying that this is a very forgiving project. loking forward to converting more people to crochet!