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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Back to School

Parents partying in the street - the kids are going back, the kiiids are goingggg baaaack! Kids moansing and groansing. Parents also chewing their nails off in anxiety. Will they be ok? Will they find their classes, will there be bullies? Oh yes - it's a double-edged sword.

So, once they've been back awhile and you can catch your breath, what about you? Planning any back-to-school for yourself? Learning keeps you young - apparently, all that stuff we learned about the brain being fixed in development at a young age was absolute rot. The more you learn, the better you get at it, and the more flexible your brain is. And learning absolutely new things is the best for staying young. Learning something that you have not done anything remotely like it before is the absolute best way to keep your brain flexible like a 13 year old gymnast.

And let me tell you - when it comes to finding something that is not like anything you've ever done before - making glass beads at a torch is waaaaay out there. This is an activity that will create new pathways in your neural network like nobody's business. Whoa nelly - feel those neurons growing! (I was going to say - "feel the burn" - but given the whole hot glass and torch thing - maybe we'll just avoid that for now.)

Why is flameworking so very different from anything you've ever done? Well - it's easier to try it and find out than to explain - but here's a few items.

Top Ten Reasons Why Flameworking is Not Like Anything Else.

  • Flying insects in your workspace self-destruct
  • The number of times you've judged the temperature of something by looking at it's colour is Zero
  • People will be incredulous and impressed when you tell them what you do for fun
  • You'll finally know how they get those flowers inside the bead
  • Since when did blue and cream make black?
  • Secret insider colour names like Rubino and Evil Purple
  • Able to toss around technical terms like "flame atmosphere" and "Co-efficient of Expansion"
  • Permission to play with fire
  • A complete and total understanding of why a single bead would cost $60.00.

    and the number one reason why flameworking is NOT like anything else you've tried

  • People won't ask you to do things for them when you have molten glass balanced on a steel stick.
Intro classes, weekend classes and an 8 week class, all coming up soon!

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