Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Trend Watch: Tassels and Fringe

I am a sucker for tassels and fringe. I remember, as a young teenager in the early 70s, coveting a fringed suede vest in a "hippie" shop downtown. When I won a gift certificate for the store in a draw, I was sad that I couldn't afford the vest. I bought a purple suede fringed reticule-type bag instead and two large lampwork beads to wear interchangeably on a leather thong and I was so happy.

Tassels and fringe go in and out of fashion, and they can be found on everything, when in vogue, from accessories, home decor and clothes to fringe hair bangs. With the return to the romantic flow of "boho" 70s style in Spring 2015, the tassel and its "friend" fringe returned big time. Fringes and tassels are still hot for Fall 2015 so, as a jewellery designer, I'm interested to see how I can incorporate a bit of this trend into my jewellery.

Beadfx has a tutorial on making a necklace that features chain fringe by Dwyn Tomlinson. So pretty and classy. And this tutorial by Pamela Kearns uses colourful tassels in a fun way.

This short and sweet little video shows you how to make a tassel. All you need is a piece of cardboard, scissors, needle and thread and cord in matching colours. Wrap, sew a few stitches and you've got a tassel to add to gemstone bracelet or add a series to a bracelet for a cute look.

Or you can buy tassels ready made in gorgeous colours from Beadfx. Click here to see their selection of jewel-tone colours.

If you like beaded fringe, now's the time to add it to everything. There's a great series of books called The Beaded Edge. The techniques require some crochet skills, and the results are so pretty. You can add an extra dimension to everyday objects like pillows and blankets or elevate a sweet girl's dress to something she will feel like a princess wearing. Beadfx carries The Beaded Edge. I own both books in the series and sometimes just like flipping through them to admire the beautiful edging techniques in the detailed photos.

I am going to make a dangle bracelet featuring reclaimed vintage lucite beads, and tassels that I'm going to make out of DMC embroidery thread. I'll post a picture to this blog when it's done. Is anyone else going to jump on the tassel and fringe trend with me and see what kind of cool jewellery we can design? If you make something, share it in the comments.


Sue Henry said...

Visited several sewing/notions and bead stores on Queen Street West today and saw tassels everywhere! All sizes and colours. Definitely a hot trend. Also fringe by the meter. Lots of fun options to play with! Thanks for the topic discussion.

Gail Speers said...

I made some last night! I like seeing them added to a simple lobster clasp closure to make the closure more interesting. I'm thinking of an ankle bracelet using vintage chain with a tassel added at the clasp...I hope it's a trend that stays for a while! Fun and easy!