Thursday, February 05, 2015

The Cats are still away ...

s43685 Stone Beads - 10 mm Round - Lavender Amethyst (strand)But the good stuff just keeps on coming! The cats are in Tucson, on the big annual buying trip, and so there will soon be lots of new stone beads, pearls, and other fun goodies to pick from - but we're betting you won't find too much prettier than this lovely Lavender Amethyst! What a pretty and soothing colour! This soft translucent purple colour looks great in any season and for any reason.

s43552 Metal Pendant - Double Loop Scribed Tag - Antiqued Copper (1)If you are having fun stamping, and are looking for new stuff to stamp on, or just otherwise embellish ... You can check out these Scribed Tags - stamp your message on these, and alter with colour, rivet, or glue!

s43539 Findings - 5 mm Round Leather - ID 5 mm Awareness Ribbon End Cup with Ring - Bright Silver (2)We also have new findings and beads for the leather fans! Like these classy Awareness ribbon end caps, for either 5 mm round leather or 2 mm round leather! s43601 Findings - 2 mm Round Leather - ID 2 mm Awareness Ribbon End Cup with Ring - Bright Copper (2)

Or in plain ovals, if you prefer, again in your choice of 2 or 5 mm, and a choice of metals? s43542 Findings - 5 mm Round Leather -  Oval End Cup with Ring - Bright Silver (2)

Or this nice leaf motif end cap? s43707 Findings - 2 mm Round Leather - ID 2 mm Leaf End Cup with Ring - Bright Brass (2)Or this end cap with a rotating swivel end, so that your piece lays flat and straight every time, s43710 Findings - 5 mm Round Leather - ID 5 mm End Cup with Swivel Loop - Antiqued Copper (2)all the time, with no twists or kinks!

tc93-0449-13 Beads - Round Leather - ID 2 mm Nugget Heishi - Metal Noir (10)And some new beads too, for the 2 mm leather! Check them all out -

Beads / Findings for 2 mm Round Leather
Beads / Findings for 5 mm Round Leather

As for what else those crazy mice have been up to? Well - they are still scrambling around, trying to make room for the anticipated new stuff that the cats are getting down in Tucson! So while the seedbead sale continues (all the seedbeads, 25% off) - they've found some more stuff to mark down, discount and offer up at some great, great discounts!

Yikes - it's Spikes!

s33064 Glass Beads - 8 mm Baby Spikes - 24 Karat Gold Plated (6)Spikes! Get right to the point with 30% off Spikes!

s42455 Glass Daggers - 6 x 13 mm Serrated Dagger Beads - Crystal Sliperit (25)Or cut to the chase, with 30% off Daggers!

Click on a link or an image to go directly to the items, or review all the new items here!

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