Monday, May 16, 2011

Silkily Stringing

Last week, we rolled out our new line of silk strings and ribbons - lovely, silky, ethereal fairy ribbons and rolled, hand-stitched strings in a rainbow of colours! I wear one of my lampwork pendants just hanging on one of the fairy ribbons - knotted in a bow at a length I can slip on and off without untying - it can be that simple!

Where I think the silk strings really shine, however, is en masse - mixing the colours together like a mad impressionist painter! Here's what I mean, and some colour suggestions for you - just to get you inspired!!

Mediterranean Madness! The hot sun beating on the warm Mediterranean sea - the rich blues of the ocean and royal Roman purples! This is a hot time with cool colours! This is Turquoise, Dark Aqua, Dark Teal, Navy, and French Lilac.

Prefer to generate your heat with actual hot colours? Here's Sunfire - a blazing combo of Chinese Red, Coral, Mandarin and Sand.

Or maybe go with something cooler - a nice spring-y Fresh Mint combo? This is Seafoam, Snow, and Emerald City.

Something earthy perhaps - like this Cocoa and Cream combo? This is two strands of Bruin, and one each of Ecru and Chocolate.

Or maybe something that combines grounded earthiness and sophistication - like this Urban Goddess combo? This is Raven, Chocolate, Olive Tree and Marigold.
Course - now that I've made all these lovely colour combos - I'll have to find beads or pendants to hang on them! What a hardship that is! ;-)


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