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Thursday, July 07, 2016

Toho Demi Rounds!

tn08204 Japanese Seedbeads - 8/0 3mm Toho Demi Round Seedbeads - Gold Lustered Montana BlueThey'retn11712 Japanese Seedbeads - 11/0 2.2mm Toho Demi Round Seedbeads - 24k Gold Plated (3.3 grams) here! Size 8/0 and size 11/0 Toho Demi Rounds!

This is a new shape - a sort of "half-width" seedbead, from Toho, developed in conjunction with Nicole Starman. You can see some samples of how they work up on their blog - these are so new - there isn't even much of them on pinterest yet!

However, what we are seeing so far is some tn11712 Japanese Seedbeads - 11/0 2.2mm Toho Demi Round Seedbeads - 24k Gold Plated (3.3 grams)very interesting ideas with this chenille stitch pattern - also by Nichole Starman.
So if you'd like to leap in and experiment with these - who knows - you could be the next person to be featured on the cover of Bead and Button with your new design idea!

s49966 Findings - 7 inch Hat Pin - with end - SilvertoneAlso - Hat Pins. We get a lot of requests for hat pins - and they are very hard to find. So now we have found them for you!
You can make more than just hat pins with them, of course! We have one lady that likes to use them to make Martini Picks!

Update on Shipping During the Postal Disruption

Canada Post has served lock-out notice - which means that the mail - already slowed to a crawl - may stop completely on Friday.
If you are in the U.S., this means - zipola. Your shipments will go as usual without any delays for the usual flat rate ($7.95 Cdn, about $6.11 US as I type this - about 9 cents less than two weeks ago) - shipped from Buffalo - no customs, duties, border fees or delays.

To everyone in Canada - we have some options.

Option 1 - Effective immediately - we are pleased to offer couriered shipping - $11.95 per package. Sorry - no free shipping for the duration of the strike. We can not courier to a PO Box - give us a different address please if that is your situation.

Option 2 - not a hurry - the usual flat rate of $7.95, and your order will ship after Canada Post resumes operation. We will hold your order and put it in the mail after we know the mail is moving. We are currently holding these orders - if we put them in the mail and the strike happens - who knows when you will get it. You can also contact us and convert your order to courier shipping if this looks like it will drag out.

You are also welcome to pickup or arrange for your own courier. As always - dropping into the store if you are in the area to pick up your order is an option - you might see something else that you like! Please email us to get a time-line on when it will be ready.

Anyway - I encourage you to check out all the new items here and see what steams your wallpaper!
Bead Happy!

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