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Sunday, July 10, 2016

InspirationFX: Purple Picasso

Purple Picasso
by: Lee Metsalo
The more you look at Picasso's paintings, the more you see.  The more you look at Picasso beads, the more patterns and colours you see, the more you move them, the patterns and colours morph,  you can get lost in them for hours.  Is it purple?  Is it green?  Is it......

In this necklace, each component is the series of beads assembled on a headpin, and then the components are linked to the chain.  The bighole donut is kept centred by sticking a smaller bead inside it to keep it stable.   String all the beads onto the headpin, trim off any excess wire, form your loop, and link it to the chain.  This is intended to be a shorter necklace, sitting at the collarbone.  If you're a smaller build person, you can place the components closer together, if you've got more, ahem, display area for your jewelry, then maybe space the
components further apart, or even add more. Add a second strand!  We're sure Picasso would approve!

Tools used:  flat pliers, round pliers, cutters


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