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Sunday, July 17, 2016

InspirationFX: Pip Jangles

Pip Jangles 

by: Anne Marie Desaulniers

Get in touch with your inner hippie, with these light and lively "Boho" inspired earrings. You could even pair them with gauzy tops and well-worn blue jeans, for a retro-sixties look! This project uses more of the leftover Pips from my prior two projects ("Pip, Pip, Hooray" - Pendant & Earrings; "Pip The Magic Dragon" - Bracelet), Firepolish crystals, eyepins, Fireline and closed Jumprings. And I'm not even finished with the Pips yet! Talk about the bead that keeps on giving!


These earrings contain two elements, that when connected, make the 7 dangles that hang from the loops in the 7-Loop Channel Ear Hoops. The stitched drop component is attached to an eyepin component; a wrapped loop is made at the top; which is then attached to the Ear Hoop via a jump ring.

1 - Drop Component:
-Cut a comfortable length of Fireline (I like to cut a generous wingspan's worth, to start)
-Thread needle and then take your needle/Fireline through the following combination of beads (note, we won't discuss colours, just the correct sequence for threading beads on the needle.
-Take your needle/Fireline though the following bead sequence:
-Take your needle/Fireline through the beads a second time to join the drop component
-Pull tight!
-Tie off with a surgeon's knot.
-Cut Fireline (either by using a Thread Burner, or cutting with scissors)
-You will need to make 7 drops per earring, for a total of 14 drops for the set.
-Follow the sequence shown in the photo below, for colour selection and placement for each of the drops.
-The colour sequence for the 2nd earring should follow the same pattern as the first. Of course, if you're a little bit daring, you could mix up the colours completely! It's your choice!

2 - Eyepin Component:
-Open up loop in eyepins (using your pliers - opening it up gently, and to the side).
-Link the open eyepins to the top of your drop component (where the knot is).
-Close the link (again, using your pliers - closing it gently, back to where you started in the first step - use the reverse of the movement you used to open it)
-Add the following sequence of items onto your eyepin:
2mmFP/3-4.5mm Closed Jumprings (Nickel)/4mmFP/2mmFP
-Make a small wrapped loop at the top of your eyepin (see "Tips & Tricks" on BeadFX website)
-You will need one eyepin component, for each drop component (7 for each earring, with a total of 14 for the pair).
-Attach each eyepin + drop component to the 7-Channel Ear Hoops with a 5mm jumpring.

Congratulations, your earrings are finished! Now go out and be Boho-fabulous!!!


Go to our components list for this project and to buy what you need!
Need some help with some of the techniques? Check our tips page.

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