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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Crazy for colour!

Ok, so I’m absolutely crazy about colour!!! Does that make me a bad person? No of course not, it just makes me a colourful one! Colour lights up my life, and has the power to chase away, any possible threats of grayer tomorrows!
Although I’ve worshipped colour for years, it’s only now that I’m finally recognizing the fact that it’s totally necessary in my life. My uniform was heavy on basic black, during my corporate years, but my art has always been colour focused. Sure, I still wear the remnants of that uniform (it’s oh so practical, and hides a whole lot of sins), but as you can see from the photo above; colour still plays a strong role! Despite the fact that I’m not a huge lover of orange, it still needed to be the main focus of this book cover, work in progress. It has been needle felted onto a mono-printed background, and is being embellished with hand embroidery, beads and a resin filled bezel. Does it say me? Definitely! Do I know when it will be finished? Heck no! It doesn't matter though, because it's a joy to work on!
Over the years, I have participated in many different mail swaps and trades, and am proud to own a very colourful and eclectic collection. Wouldn’t it be fun if I gave you a peek into my journey? Warning, all names have been deleted, to protect the innocent. LOL! Some I made myself, and others were gifted or swapped. All include colour, and some even include beads!
As you can see from the above, I’ve included quite a variety, including hand spun art yarn, a felted cone ornament, postcards (sent naked, through the mail), houses, Inchies, and even an original quilt block. What a diverse group! Memories are oh so sweet, and I’m grinning, even as I type this blog post! But what about the future, you say? I'm playing with the idea of transforming leather with colour, but you'll need to wait to see the results! A blog post, an "Inspiration", or perhaps even a workshop? Only time will tell!!
Don’t be afraid to let colour into your life! It won’t really make you crazy, and will definitely end up enriching your life. The pursuit of colour is a lifelong journey, and one that shouldn’t be missed! Hop aboard, and don’t you dare let that train leave without you!!


Julie said...

I used to take part in swaps too but dropped out a few years ago when they started to mount up. You've got some lovely pieces and I love the house shaped ones.

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Thanks Julie! Rising postal costs around the world, seem to have put a real damper on international swaps. I'm still involved in a paper one, but rarely any others. I do miss them though, but admit that they do take up a lot of time and space. The house one is also a favourite of mine, and I actually have one more piece, that came from South America, that is just lovely. However it was too 'floppy' to include with the other three, so it's just pinned to an inspiration board.