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Saturday, July 02, 2016

The Joy of Czechs - Stacked Stretchies

Everyone talks about "stacked bangles" - armfuls of bangle bracelets. They look great - but wait - you can stack glass too!

You can make bangles with stretchy cord - no clasp required - just thread on your beads to a length that you like - snug up the cord, and tie a double knot, and top it with a surgeon's knot, and add a dab of hypotube glue to seal the knot.

Just grab some of the great Czech glass beads - usually you need about 2 strands to make a bracelet (depending on the strand length but the 6 - 8 mm beads are usually something like 25-30 on a strand, the longer beads might be 10-15 - I've been finding that I need two of whatever to make a full bracelet) - and after a bit, you have enough left-overs to make another bracelet!

Just pick beads and colours that make you happy and combine as you please! 

Turquoise and purple - who'd thunk this would work? 
 Half and half is fun - as the bracelet moves on your wrist - you have a whole new look.
 Or all the same is good too!
 Try some of the interesting shapes!
 On the theme of sea and sand - with a couple of random blues to make up the length.
 Combined! Awesomeness!

Our stretchy cord is here - the .7 mm is the best for fitting through the beads and being strong. The Czech glass beads are here and here.

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