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Sunday, July 03, 2016

InspirationFX: Joy


by: Dwyn Tomlinson

This bracelet makes me happy. And that is what jewelry should be about - it should fill you with joy and happiness and make you feel special.

I have a confession to make - I am something of a jewelry snob - I figure if it is worth my time to make it, it should be heirloom quality. Only the best. Which did not, in the past, include stretchy bead cord. But the other day - something snapped in my brain, and I found I no longer wanted to always struggle with crimping the crimp and making sure the length was perfect, and adding the clasp and yada yada yada. I dug out my roll of stretchy cord ... and I would like to add here - I was extremely pleased to see that even though I have had the spool for years - it has not discoloured or lost any of it's stretch! Anyway - I whipped this up - and it is sooo lovely to wear and look at! I knotted the stretchy cord onto the loop on the link using 3 successive surgeon's knots, and when I was done all the knots, sealed them shut with Hypotube cement - which rocks for this, as the precision applicator gets the glue exactly where it is supposed to be, and nowhere else, and will not yellow or go brittle with time. (Don't use crazy glue or nail polish - nail polish is not a glue, and it doesn't last. If it did - the manicure industry would die a sudden death.)

If you don't like the look of the knots - which I freely admit - I don't see and neither does anyone else - but if they bother you and you have not abandoned your inner-type-A just yet - then put a crimp cover over each knot.

String the two colours of donuts so that they are half and half on the strand - so they are one colour on one side of the cabochon and the other colour on the other side. Loads of donut options here!

Et voila! Joy on your wrist!


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