Sunday, April 12, 2015

InspirationFX: Blue Lagoon


Get your creative juices flowing

Blue Lagoon

by: Kelly Garland

Spring time or beach time, this is a great bracelet for the younger crowd or a casual look. Mixed blue shades with splashes of opal, it's an eye catching but simple design.

1) Cut three lengths wire of equal length. Add approx 1 inch to each strand.

2) Separate the slide fastener and attach one length of wire to one loop. You can attach all three if you prefer. Crimp securely and attach crimp cover. Try to keep your loop sizes consistent and uniform. 

3) Mix the two types 8x6 donuts, as well as the tire rondelles so the color pattern is random.

4) String one donut and two rondelles until the desired length is reached. Each strand will require the same amount of beads in order to lay flat and uniform against your wrist. 

5) Secure the remaining end wire with your crimp and crimp cover onto the matching slide connector. Make sure you are attaching it correctly according to the direction of the slide connection. Again, keep your loops consistent and uniform. 

Slide connectors of any length are a great way to create multiple strand, easy bracelets quickly and securely. Try mixing up your bead choices!! Pearls look fantastic as well!!



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