Thursday, April 02, 2015

Get ahead ... or two ... @ BeadFX!

s43965 Ceramic Pendant -  Heads up Skull - Matte Raku (1)s43964 Ceramic Pendant -  What does the Wolf Say - Matte Raku (1)Get two! Because two heads are better than one! Or get some of these great new ceramic raku beads. If a human skull doesn't make you want to say "Alas, poor Yorick ... " then how about one of these handsome wolf heads?

s43959 Ceramic Pendant -  Winged Dragon Ascendent - Raku (1)
Or, for the dragon-fanatic (AKA moi!) - we have the tough choice - Winged Dragon Ascendent vs Chinese Serpent Dragon. Ok, you know that this isn't a tough choice at all - I choose both, with s43960 Ceramic Pendant -  Chinese Serpent Dragon - Raku (1)a side helping of these awesome Dragon Claws! (That's the part of my contract that says "here be dragons" - the dragon clause.) s43958 Ceramic Pendant -  Dragon Claw - Raku (1)

And I can tell you that these shiney raku beads look freakin' awesome with last week's small turquoise beads. Just sayin'.
Oh, also new - ceramic bottle pendants! Make a beaded rope or hang on leather!

You can stuff s43976 Ceramic Vessel / Bottle Pendant -  Howling Wolf - Unglazed Antiqued Bisque (1)them with a little cotton wool and put a few drops of essential oil or scent - I hear that grapefruit scent is good s43981 Ceramic Vessel / Bottle Pendant -  Goddess Torso - Unglazed Antiqued Bisque (1)for suppressing appetite ... don't know myself - would probably make me drink more fruit juice, but hey ... maybe pick the favourite cologne of a beloved grandparent instead - or you can also write an affirmation on a slip of paper and slide into the pendant and cork it up - to encourage yourself in your goals and dreams!

s43985 Leather - 5 mm Hollow Core Round Suede Leather - Brown (Inch)Speaking of leather - s43987 Leather - 5 mm Hollow Core Round Suede Leather - Royal Blue (Inch)some awesome new leather for making bracelets - 5 mm round SUEDE leather. Mmmm - yummy!

s43998 Leather - 10 mm Flat Leather - Renoir (Inch)
Or 10 mm and 5 mm flat leather in these lovely watercolour-inspireds44001 Leather - 5 mm Flat Leather - Monet (Inch) prints!

s44006 Leather -  Regaliz - Scaled - Raven Black (Inch)Or new embossed Regaliz - s44012 Leather -  Regaliz - Embossed Swirls - Tan Saddle (Inch)with patterns!
Oh, and suede Regaliz too! And Bark! (That the pattern - it's not made of actual bark.) s44017 Leather -  Suede Regaliz - Tan Saddle (Inch)s44023 Leather -  Regaliz - Bark - Antique Ivory (Inch)

s44154 Wood Beads - 7 mm Near Round - Natural (strand)
And in keeping with the casual theme of these week - some lovely wood beads too! And check these out - Brass beads that look like some ancient ceremonial sacrificial knife! Kewel, eh? s44164 Metal Beads - 8 mm Ceremonial Knife - Antiqued Brass (1)

So check out all the great new stuff here, or click on a link or image above! We ARE closed Friday - Good Friday, and Sunday, Easter Sunday - but we are open Saturday and Monday, so drop by or just shop online. Because there are no calories in beads, unlike that chocolate easter egg buffet that you say you bought for the kids. Twice. ;-)

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