Thursday, April 09, 2015

Here be-ad Dragons ...

s44225 Stone Cabochon - 42 mm Carved Dragon Round Cabochon - Lapis (1)
s44227 Stone Cabochon -  Carved Dragon Round Cabochon - Green Aventurine (1)
Once upon a time, there was a wily celestial dragon of the air - a handsome lapis blue creature who was so beautiful, he could make you cry just by looking at him. He bossed all the other dragons around.

He was so vain and arrogant, that when the green spring dragon came to chase away the ethereally beautiful Mother of Pearl winter dragon in the annual dance of the spring festival, the lapis dragon just rushed at him and scared him away. And the people were sad, because as beautiful as the winter dragon was - he was like 3-day-old fish or uninvited house guests - very un-welcome by now.

s44229 Stone Cabochon -  Carved Dragon Cabochon - Mother of Pearl (1)

s44228 Stone Cabochon -  Carved Dragon Half Round Cabochon - Hematite (1)So they called out to the dragon of the earth - the powerful and lustrous hematite dragon. "Please," they implored him - "drive out the lapis dragon of the sky - he is keeping Spring away and our crops won't grow and then we will all starve, and we won't be able to give you steaks and bbq ribs," because, if there is any way to a ground dragon's heart, it is through his love of a good barbecue.

So the ground dragon rose up and did battle with the lapis dragon, and the ground ran with blood, which s44232 Stone Cabochon - 30 x 40 mm Oval Cabochon - Dragon Blood Jasper (1)immediately turned to Dragon's Blood Jasper, which everyone scrambled to pick up and save to make into lovely jewellery.
But the hematite dragon could not defeat the lapis dragon, and he lay panting on s44235 Stone Cabochon - 30 mm Square Cabochon - Crazy Lace Agate (1)the ground, muttering about how he must be loony as Crazy Lace Agate to try, and the folks all asked "Azurite?" s44233 Stone Cabochon - 30 x 40 mm Oval Cabochon - Azurite (1)

Suddenly, there was a rustling in the shrubbery, and a purple quartz dragon rose from the ground! She had a high-pitched, squeaky voice like a s44230 Stone Cabochon -  Carved Dragon Cabochon - Purple Quartz (1)little girl, and she screeched at the sky dragon - "If you don't go away right now so that spring can come and I can grow pretty Purple flowers and have tea parties with my friends, I'm going to come and stomp all over you and paint your toenails and spritz you with perfume."
And the sky dragon, who was allergic tos44236 Stone Cabochon - 13 x 18 mm Oval Cabochon - Lapis (1) perfume - and flowers too - which was why he didn't want spring to come in the first place, was so afraid that he dove into the river, turning it a s44231 Stone Cabochon - 16 mm Round Cabochon - Labradorite (1)beautiful shade of lapis blue and splashing drops of water like labradorite all over. He swam away in the river, and was never heard from again!

s44148 ImpressArt Stamps - 3 mm Stamp/Punch Collection - Juniper - UPPERCASE Letters / Symbols (Set)If that story didn't make an impression on you, I s44149 ImpressArt Stamps - 6 mm Design Stamp/Punch - Handmade (1)guess you need to make your own impression - in which case, we have new ImpressArt stamps, including the new font "Juniper" and some great motif stamps, such as this "Handmade" stamp, these butterfly wings, a dragonfly, a maple leaf, and a zuni bear, which, because this is Canada, is actually a polar bear.
s44150 ImpressArt Stamps - 6 mm Design Stamp/Punch - Butterfly Wings (1) s44151 ImpressArt Stamps - 6 mm Design Stamp/Punch - Dragonfly (1) s44152 ImpressArt Stamps - 6 mm Design Stamp/Punch - Maple Leaf (1) s44153 ImpressArt Stamps - 6 mm Design Stamp/Punch - Polar Bear (1)

s44026 Packaging - Medium Hanging Tube - Clear (12)

Also new this week - if you are trying to do some spring cleaning of your own, do a little decluttering and organizing, then you might want to pick up tubes. These are the same, quality tubes that we use to package our beads, and because so many of you asked, we can now buy them for your organizing!

s44174 Chain -  Triple Threat - Bright Gold Plated (foot)A new stash of chain too - including this rather interesting chain with holes in big links - just made for dangles, don't you think?

So check out all the great new stuff here, or click on a link or image above!

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