Thursday, April 16, 2015

Ah'm so fancy ...

s44188 Stone Beads - 30 x 40 mm Oval - Fancy Jasper (1)
Lordy, I must be getting old! One thing that hasn't changed over the years is getting s44191 Stone Beads - 13 x 18 mm Oval - Fancy Jasper (strand)a song stuck in my head ... but now, thanks to the internet, I both know that phenomenon is called an earworm, and I can look up the song and find out what the rest of the lyrics are and get over it and move on.

When I saw this Fancy Jasper, I immediately thought of the song "I'm so fancy" - so I looked up the lyrics, because that was about as far as I could get. And, now having looked up the lyrics, I'm not actually much further ahead than I was before. I mean, WTF? Sigh. Is this how my folks felt? Do I embrace the change - or take solace in these lovely stones, that apart from being cut and polished, have not changed in millions of years. You have to admit, that the cutting and polishing has definitely made them attractive - so perhaps, as I am waxing philosophical here, the take-away is that it pays to pick and choose the changes that you embrace?

s44453 Stone Cabochon - 13 x 16 mm Oval Cabochon - Amethyst (1)Here are some more signs of change, or not change. We again dip into the stash of stones from the Judith Leiber collection. These are cabochons that were cut for Judith Leiber, and we got our paws ons44460 Stone Cabochon - 12 x 16 mm Oval Cabochon - Sodalite (1) some from an old warehouse find! The amethyst cabs are particularly rich in colour, you don't see amethyst cabs like this these days! And the sodalite, in faceted squares and emerald cut, and oval. And these matte-finish rock crystal cabs are particularly s44451 Stone Cabochon - 18 mm Round Cabochon - Matte Rock Crystal Quartz (1)fascinating.

Definitely not something you see everyday!
Also - some very untraditional shapes and sizes, the sort of stones you might find in an intricate inlay s44459 Stone Cabochon - 3 x 36 mm Bar Cabochon - Carnelian (6)pattern. Like these narrow carnelian bars, s44462 Stone Cabochon - 7 x 21 mm Angle Bar Cabochon - Carnelian (6)or onyx, or these carnelian bars with an angle cut end.
Different, no? A bit of a change?

27800957-24s5 Shaped Glass - 12 mm Ripple Beads - California Meadows (strand)And, as little changes ripple through to become big changes - well, how about these Ripple beads. These are biggish for the "Shaped Bead" phenomenon, but one of the 27800957-26s5 Shaped Glass - 12 mm Ripple Beads - California Blue (strand)things about them that is very cool is that many of them are coated on one side, so that the obverse and the reverse are very different (to borrow terminology from coin and other collectors). It's like getting two for the price of one!

tc94-240A-12 Metal Charm -  Letter Charm - A (1)And one thing that doesn't change - the top notch quality and value of our Tierracast products! This week - we roll out the letter charms. Handsome serifed initials, antiqued and ready to hang on a charm bracelet or necklace.

And finally - if you are sad that last weeks dragons are s44357 Pendants -  Thai Hook Dragon - White Bronze (1)gone, (actually - there are still some left!) - s44363 Toggle Clasp -  Ring of Fire - Bronze (1)here are some lovely Thai Dragons - in a sort of fishhook shaped pendant!

Oh, and some spectacular, large bronze toggles! s44364 Toggle Clasp -  Nouveau Vines - Bronze (1)Mmmmm! Ring of Fire, Nouveau Vines and Elegant Daisy. s44362 Toggle Clasp -  Elegant Daisy - Bronze (1)

So check out all the great new stuff here, or click on a link or image above!

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