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Thursday, December 11, 2014

O Spikey Bead, O Spikey Bead ...

27800961-07 Glass Beads - 13 mm Villa - Square Spikes - Green Turquoise Picasso (Strand 36)You look just like a Christmas Tree ... except for being much smaller, and with a hole, and made of glass and often not green - okay - not really much like a Christmas tree.

But we are definitely all spiked up this week - with a plethora of pointed beads.
s42430 Glass Beads - 8 mm Baby Spikes - Matte Crystal AB (6)s42445 Glass Beads - 18 mm Fat Spikes - Semi-Matte Jet Granite (1)We have the oh-so-adorable 8 mm Baby Spikes, and the 18 mm Fat Spikes! And yes, a few new of the regular 17 mm spikes too.s42509 Glass Beads - 17 mm Spikes - Ruby Apollo (6)

27800961-08 Glass Beads - 13 mm Villa - Square Spikes - Purple Gold Lustre (Strand 36)We also have the slightly edgier Villa - Square Spikes. These are square in cross section (instead of round) and the hole is corner to corner - so that an edge is always presented at 90 degrees to the line of stringing. If that was confusing - just think of them as edgier. ;-)

s42455 Glass Daggers - 6 x 13 mm Serrated Dagger Beads - Crystal Sliperit (25)If that's not Daggerous enough fs42454 Glass Daggers - 6 x 13 mm Serrated Dagger Beads - Apricot (25)or you - we have more Daggers too - Serrated Daggers with a Toothy Edge.

And if you haven't gotten the point 27800963-29 Glass Beads - 5 x 16 mm Thorns - Dark Bronze (Strand 57)yet - well - let us be a thorn in your side with 27800963-38 Glass Beads - 5 x 16 mm Thorns - Aged Walrus (Strand 57)some Thorn beads. These are a tapered spike bead, just a little thicker in the middle than at the blunt end.

Vintage German Cabochons

We also have some great "new" vintage stuff - from a warehouse in the heart of the original costume jewelry s42491 Vintage - 15 mm Round Cabochon - Matt Azore AB (1)manufacturing area in the U.S. - Rhode Island. Some of these are in stunningly good condition - as good as the day they were made.
For instance - these matte cabochons rival anything currently made for luminosity. These unicorn cabochons are definitely s42492 Vintage - 18 mm Square Unicorn Cabochon - White AB/Jet (1)different with an iridescent unicorn on a jet-black background, with a clear dome over all.
s42497 Vintage - 10 x 14 mm Oval Cabochon - Persian Turquoise w Matrix (1)s42500 Vintage - 22 x 30 mm Oval Cabochon - Carnelian - Hummingbird (1)Or s42499 Vintage - 30 x 40 mm Oval Cabochon - Wedgewood - Mother and Child (1)how about these imitation Persian Turquoise Cabochons? Imitation Wedgewood cameos? Or this simulated carnelian hummingbird cameo?
s42882 Vintage - 10 x 14 mm Oval Cabochon - Green Moonstone (1)
Check them all out in the Cabochon department!

See all the new items here!

Food Drive

If you are going to be dropping into the store - we are collecting for the Food Drive. No one should go hungry while others feast - and so we are collecting canned and non-perishable goods. Bring a non-perishable food item by December 22, and drop it off in the box by the Christmas Tree and we'll deliver it!


Holiday Hours

We will be closing at 3:00 p.m. on Christmas eve - and our store will remain closed over the next week, reopening Jan 2, as usual. As usual, our trusty computers will be standing by - ready to take your online orders over the holidays!

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