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Thursday, December 04, 2014

Have a Happy Handmade Holiday ...

s43118 Carry Bags by Yazzi -  for BeadFX - AubergineAnd get there in style and arrive organized with your Yazzii for BeadFX, specially-designed bead-supply carry bag. These bags are custom designed by us for you - by beaders, for beaders. Hey - you can even put your Bead on it Board in it! They are made to s43120 Carry Bags by Yazzi -  for BeadFX - My-my-Magentaour standards - which are high. High, high, high. Over 50% hand-stitched, made in India from quality cotton fabric. See-thru pockets so you don't stab yourself on the scissors. Double-slider zippers with good METAL heads. Handles that stitch all the way down the sides so they don't rip off. Long enough handles to carry by hand or sling over your shoulder.
So pick your colour (will it be Raven Black, Midnight Navy, Aubergine, or My-my-Magenta?) and put this on your list - tell your significant other that they just bought you one for Christmas - and then there is only one question left? What's in Your Yazzii?

So what else do we have this week that you could put in your Yazzii? Or your stash? Or make into lovely, hand-made gifts that say "I was thinking of you with every minute I made this."

s41761 Glass Beads - 2 Hole Flat Square Tiles - Copper Iris (25)s41773 Pressed Glass - 6 mm 2 Hole Lentils - Crystal Sliperit (25)If you are playing with beadweaving and shaped beads - we have some nice new selections for you. Two Hole Flat Square Tiles and Two Hole Lentils. Unlike the Piggy beads - these are curved the same on both sides. We also s42124 Glass Beads - Two Hole Blocks - Silky Silver (50)have some Two Hole Blocks. We're sure you can make some great designs with these!

s42442 Glass Beads - 10 mm Gumdrops - Cracked Fuchsia (6)Also in the Shaped beads, more juicy Gum Drops (Crackle!)

s42392 Glass - 6 mm Lentils - Metallic Bronze Aurora (25)And, if you'd rather have your Lentils beads with one hole - well - we have some of those too. I love some of these colours too - Metallic Gold Aurora and Metallic Bronze Aurora!

s42476 Firepolish - 4 mm Faceted Round - Intense Royal Blue (50)More re-organizing - We've bumped our Czech Faceted Firepolish s42479 Firepolish - 4 mm Faceted Round - California Purple (50)beads up to a top-level category. These are true workhorse beads - always ready to be an accent or step up and be the main player! These are quality, faceted glass beads, shaped, and "fire-polished" - smoothed with a flame.
They come in a dazzling range of colours and shapes! And in fact - we have a bunch of new ones this week! Multi-strand bracelets with these and some of our multi-strand magnetic clasps would rock! Just when you thought there were no new colours, we bring you Turquoise Reloaded (it has "matrix"), Pirate Treasure, and Ivory Wand. Abra-ca-dazzling!

All the new items here!

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