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Monday, December 29, 2014

InspirationFX: Blue Romance


Get your creative juices flowing

Blue Romance

by: Bonnie Cottingham

When the link pads came into the store, I wondered what I could attach to them and how I could use them with leather.

The Floral Heart is a sweet charm and I wanted to use it with a bracelet. The pads provide a base to glue it on. I used E6000 to glue the charm to the link pad, and add the rhinestone.

  1. Cut the leather into 3 equal pieces
  2. Dry fit the three strands of leather into the clasp. Once the fit is good, glue the leather into only ONE end of the clasp with the Super New Glue.
  3. Bring all strands through the 5 mm flat leather hammered bar.
  4. Thread the two OUTSIDE strands of the leather in to the 10 mm round link pad, making sure the round pad is facing up (out) compared to the clasp. (This will become a design element.)
  5. Bring the middle strand underneath and in the middle of the link pad.

Using closed jump rings, to make a  basket weave of the leather.
  1. Weave the 3 strands of leather into the 4 closed jumprings.
    1. Bring the two outer strands up through the center of the jumpring, and
    2. put the middle strand down through the center
    3. Now thread the outer two down through the middle of the next jumpring, and
    4. the middle strand  UP through the center, and repeat, alternating up and down (see photo)
Add the link pad with the charm attached, and then repeat as above, in reverse order.
Finally check the fit of the bracelet, trim the leather if necessary, and add the clasp.
Attach the charming leaf to the charm with a jump ring.

Using the link pad opens all kinds of new opportunities to attach items that were hard or impossible to use before!



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Need some help with some of the techniques? Check our tips page.

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