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Monday, December 22, 2014

InspirationFX: Rolo et Coin


Get your creative juices flowing

Rolo et Coin

by: Rae Huggins

Combine Rolo chain with puffy coins for a handsome casual chic look that looks good at the office or at the party.

Simple string the coins, metallic squares, cubes and seedbeads (as shown in the picture or add your own touch) on 1 foot of Medium Softflex, Add a crimp, but before crimping, add a split ring ( repeat on the opposite side). I added an extra crimp cover on either side to eliminate gaps in the beading wire.

Attach one end of the Rhodium Rolo chain to one of the split rings on the necklace and do the same on the opposite end. Cut 13” of the Gothic Silver and attach to the split rings, the same way you attached the Rhodium chain. Attach 6.5 inches of Gothic chain on one end and the remaining 5.5” on the other end. Attach the clasp on the shorter end. Enjoy!!!!



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