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Friday, December 26, 2014

Happy Boxing Day Easter Egg Hunt

What does the day after Christmas have to do with two men punching each other, I wondered as a kid. My friends did not have a reasonable explanation then.

Of course, now we have Momma Google to ask. She tells us that it has to do with the tradition of giving "Gift Boxes" to the servants and tradespeople.

Not so much of a thing, these days. ;-)

Anyhoo - to keep you amused while we are closed this boxing day, and right through to the new year, for that matter, we have designed a Rainbow of Gems easter-egg hunt sale.

25% off -Everything with the word

Amethyst, or
in the
 (not the description)

But you have to go looking for them!

So head over to the site and Happy Hunting!

Or, you can use the search function ... ;-)

Remember - once the sale ends (end of the year - Dec 31) - the items in your shopping cart with turn back into regular priced pumpkins - colourful and lovely pumpkins to be sure, but regular priced pumpkins. So be sure to check-out by the end of the year!

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