Thursday, June 05, 2014

New this week at BeadFX - Nylon Soutache

Short, Sweet, and Long on Value

75000901-28 Braid - 3 mm Nylon Soutache - Cardinal Purple (1 meter)We're keeping this week's update short and sweet - because half the staff has gone gallivanting off to Milwaukee for the Bead and Button show. The noive of them! I'm hoping to make it myself one year - but apparently - this was not my year!

So this week - we're just rolling out some new Soutache. This is from a different supplier, and is made from Nylon. (The original Soutache is rayon). This incidentally means that you can fuse the cut ends with a Thread Zapper or lighter, as opposed to a dot of glue.
75000901-30 Braid - 3 mm Nylon Soutache - Turquoise Green (1 meter)
Anyway - we thought we'd better test it before we launched it, so Rochelle sat down with some and tried it out. Here's what she said:

"I actually like it better - it is a little stiffer than our original Soutache, which makes it a little easier to handle because the ends aren't flopping all over the place as you work. The one thing I did notice, however, is that it is significantly harder to determine the "spine" of the cord (the direction that it is woven), which is important to know when using it. But other than that, I really liked it. That it is half the price doesn't hurt either!"

It also expands the colour selection - because of course - even the white is a different shade of white!
The new Soutache is labeled Nylon Soutache and the old has been re-labeled Rayon Soutache, so that you can be clear on which one you are buying!

s39883 Felting Tools -  Turbo Felting Board -  (1)And that's it for this week - except for the Not for Sissies Ribby Rubber - the Turbo Felting mat for all you felters!

So click on a link or image above, or get started with all the new items here and get creating!

P.S. If you need a cabochon to soutache around, all our stone is on sale this week. Just sayin'.

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