Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Glass Artist Sara Sally LaGrand coming to BeadFX

What do you get when you mix flame and glass rods? Besides beads? Well, you can also get the amazing artwork of acclaimed artist Sara Sally LaGrand! Sara Sally's work goes beyond beads and become shaped components of larger art pieces. Her work is fanciful, colourful and brilliant!

Sara Sally LaGrand has had the great fortune to study with many gifted teachers both in Italy and the US. She has been melting glass since 1996. In that time she has won numerous awards and has the great privilege to teach workshops all over the US and Europe. She earned a BA in Glass Formation at Park University of Missouri with the collaboration of the award winning public glass artist,  Dierk Van Keppel. She has studied with Italian glass masters Lucio Bubbaco and Vitorrio Costantini.
In 2008, she developed a method utilizing many little pieces and repetitive forms to create a larger whole  drawing from her own experimentation in glass, and her mother's experience as a professional florist.
She continues to study and grow, pushing the limits of the glass and combining it with unconventional materials for an eclectic look at nature, life and pop culture.

BeadFX is pleased and proud to offer classes with Sara Sally this coming August.

Friday, August 8 and Saturday, August 9
Creativity and the Glass Corsage
10:00am - 5:00pm both days

This class will focus on the creation of a glass corsage only in a two-day period. The first day, will be the lampworking portion, including the necklace, followed by wire working and assemblage the second day.  The students will learn how to create the sculptural shapes. The students should have had several years of lampworking experience.
Experimentation with color combinations will be encouraged. The students will be shown how to create glass sculptures using creative methods with the final design in mind. They will be making glass corsages of their OWN creation, not the exact piece shown.  Each piece they create will be unique to them.

Sunday, August 10
Silver Glass Lampworking Class
10:00am - 5:00pm

Stop wasting that expensive glass and learn how to use it effectively!
This one-day class will cover the most cost effective ways to use the highly silvered 104 glasses including decoration. Precision 104 from Northstar, Bella Donna Glass from Arrow Springs,  Double Helix and TAG glass as well as parts of the Vetrofond, Moretti and CIM palette are selected for most interesting results.

Several projects will enhance the student's ability to test colors, mix colors and apply those techniques to bead decoration.  Each student will take home a handbook filled with test results utilizing stringer and encasing techniques, utilizing each type glass for the best reactions. Each student will gain knowledge of how to test colors for maximum results. Includes 15 page booklet for easy reference at home.

Complete information about both of these classes is on the website! Follow the "Classes" link to the August calendar.

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