Thursday, June 12, 2014

Chexx, Chexx, Chexx, 1 - 2 - 3, testing, testing

s39931 Glass Beads - Two Hole Chexx Squarelets - Copper Iris (25)
Testing your design skills! The "shaped-bead" mania is sweeping the world - with new shapes for you to weave into your designs s39941 Glass Beads - Two Hole Chexx Squarelets - Jet Sliperit (25)being invented all the time! This week - check out the Chexx - from - you guessed it - Czech Republic. These 6 mm little square-lets have two holes, centered on approximately 3 mm, and are fairly fattish - 3 mm deep. We have 25 different colours/finishes to entice you! You'll have fun "testing" how to incorporate them into your designs.

s39957 Firepolish - 4 mm Faceted Round - Granite Speckle (50)
Just when you thought there were no new colours in firepolish - we get some that have a decidedly s39956 Firepolish - 4 mm Faceted Round - Red Jasper Speckle (50)"stoney" look! Check out these Granite Speckle 4 mm faceted rounds, and also Red Jasper Speckle. Just to be clear - these are glass firepolish beads, that look like stone beads! If Grey Granite and Red Jasper aren't exotic enough for you, how about Olivine Speckle and Hummingbird Speckle?

s39962 Glass - 3 x 11 mm Twisted Dagger Claw Pods - Hummingbird Speckle (25)These fun new colours come in a fun new shape too - Twisted Daggers. It's a shape that is sort of like a seedpod, with crisp edges and a fatter, more dimensional shape than a regular dagger, and the remind me of dragon toes. Because, you know, I've seen so many dragon toes ... .

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