Monday, June 16, 2014

InspirationFX: Trash to Treasure 2


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Trash to Treasure 2
by: Pam Kearns
What do you do with pieces of Regaliz Licorice Leather that aren't quite long enough for a bracelet - join them and turn them into a necklace! (Or a Pam's Trash to Treasure bracelet!*)  A combination of Regaliz beads, aluminum wire and a wire-wrapped stone create a focal area.

1. Glue the charm holder in the centre of the green piece of leather. Allow to dry.

2. Wrap two pieces (each about 7") of 12 gauge wire around the leather on both sides of the charm holder, beginning and ending the wire on the 'back' of the leather. Use flush cutters to cut the wire at a 45 degree angle. This will help to avoid rough edges on the wire rubbing against your skin while wearing the necklace. I've wrapped the wire so that 4 rounds show at the front - you can adjust the wraps to suit you.

3. Glue the ovals beside the wire.

4. Glue the long tubes to both ends of the leather, taking care that you keep the wire and beads in the centre. Note: you don't need to fill the tubes with leather; inserting the leather about 1/2" is sufficient. Allow to dry.

5. Glue the black leather into the long tubes. Allow to dry.

6. Measure the black leather and trim if necessary so that both pieces are the same length.

7. Dry fit the clasp to the ends of the black leather to test the fit. Adjust if necessary. Glue in place and allow to dry.

8. Use about 10" of the Vintage Bronze wire and wrap it through and around the pyrite slab, creating a cage around the stone.

9. Start a wrapped loop to end the wrapping. Before finishing the wrap, slip it onto the charm holder. Finish the wrap. If desired, use roundnose pliers to add bends in the wire to tighten the wire around the stone.

That's it! Enjoy!

*Editor's note: Pam apparently hates leftovers!



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