Sunday, June 15, 2014

InspirationFX: Jelly Belly

Get your creative juices flowing

Jelly Belly
by: Pam Kearns

The colours of the LunaSoft Cabochons are perfect for summer jewellery! Using the new LunaSoft Bezels makes it easy to create jewellery with them - here is a quick and easy set you can create!

1. Glue one blueberry cab and one raspberry cab to both sides of one bezel. Allow to dry.
2. Place the bezel onto an eyepin; create a wrapped-loop at the top of the bezel
3. Place one crystal on a headpin; start a wrapped-loop and attach to the bottom loop of the eyepin before finishing the wrap
4. Open up the loop of the earwire and attach the bezel to the earwire.
5. Repeat to create a second earring.

1. Glue 2 raspberry and 1 blueberry cabs to one side of the three bezels. Allow to dry.
2. Cut 7 pieces of wire, about 5 inches long. You will use these wire to wire-wrap the coins and the bezels together. Make sure you attach them before finishing the wrapping! Also, ensure that your cabs are all facing the same way; you want the flat back of the cab to rest on your wrist.
3. Add a jump ring to the ends of your bracelet
4. Attach the magnetic clasp to both ends.

Change it up by changing the colours and shape of your LunaSoft cabochons and the beads between the cabs!



Go to our components list for this project and to buy what you need!
Need some help with some of the techniques? Check our tips page.

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