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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Weekly Class Update

Jewellery Making 101 with Pamela Kearns - Thursday, December 6th - 6pm to 9pm

Do you want to create jewellery for yourself but have no idea where to start? Join us for this 'newbie' course and discover just how easy creating jewellery can be. Participants will make a couple of pairs of earrings and a bracelet. You'll learn how to use headpins, open and close jump rings and find out how to use crimps. Students are to bring an assortment of beads they wish to use; time will be available during the class to select beads.
Technique Focus:General jewellery making.
Skill Level: Beginner
InstructorPam has been beading for several years using various beadstitching techniques and sells her jewelry through art and craft shows.

Back by popular demand! Choose Silver Shade, Classic Crystal Pearl or new decorator colours. The sparkle comes from the 6mm CRYSTALLIZED™–Swarovski bicone tips. Learn the secret for extraordinary 3-D snowflakes and tricks to firmly place the bugle ‘V’s around a circle of beads. Great idea for decor and memorable gifts.
Skill Level: All levels

Maria Rypan is an international designer, instruction book publisher and educator since 1995 with work featured in many beadwork publications. She also designs kits for Swarovski® North America. To see Maria’s work, visit

In this class you will learn how to solder circles of heavy gauge silver wire and transform them into earrings and stacking rings.
We will begin with an overview of soldering tools, materials and techniques. Then we will fuel and fire up our butane torches and learn how to solder jump rings. Next we will discover how to create earrings and stacking rings by forming and soldering larger circles. Some metalwork finishing techniques will be discussed. Time permitting, one set of earrings and three rings will be completed.

Technique Focus: Soldering silver wire
Skill Level: Beginner

InstructorFour years ago, with the first pass of a file on a piece of silver, Iris became infatuated with metal and its infinite possibilities in jewellery design. Since then, Iris has been fortunate to study with Michael David Sturlin, Tim McCreight, Susan Lenart Kazmer and other talented artists who have inspired her to continue to develop her style and skills.

In this two day class Amy will share her beadmaking techniques for creating intricately detailed beads in her Ottoman and Bakbuk styles.
Amy will break down the process of making these finely detailed beads into small steps.  Day one will be spent honing your abilities with skill building exercises in raking, dot application, heat control and shaping of your beads.  Day two will be spent creating Ottoman and Bakbuk style beads.

Techniques covered include: Pulling even stringers (thick and thin), layering, raking, masking, detailed dot application and problem fixing.
Amy is an attentive and giving teacher who strives to be the kind of teacher she would enjoy taking classes from.

Pre-requisites: Students should be intermediate to advanced level, comfortable working on a propane/oxygen mix torch, and have good working control of their glass.
Skill Level: Intermediate / Advanced

Instructor Bio:
Form and symmetry are hallmarks of Amy's beads. She pays close attention to the technical details and strives towards uniform, functional beads. Amy has been making glass beads since 2001 and began working from her home studio in Richmond Hill in 2003. Prior to that, she haunted the beadFX studio in every spare moment. Amy has been teaching people how to make lampwork beads at beadFX since 2004.  Amy is an attentive and giving teacher who strives to be the kind of teacher she would enjoy taking classes from.

FreeForm 101 with Robert Burton - Monday, December 10th - 6pm to 9pm

In this class you will make a beaded freeform cuff bracelet using 4mm and 6mm assorted beads or you can bring your own beads. You will also make a minimum of 2 pendants, possibly 4 (time permitting) using a cabochon and natural stones. If you have your own stones, crystals, etc, bring them with you to wrap them. You will also learn basic wire techniques, wrapping forming and wire smithing.

Skill Level: Beginner
Prerequisite: None

Instructor Bio
Robert, a wire sculptor, has a natural flare for creating beautiful pieces of wearable art.  His 30 years of experience in the bending and shaping of metals has made the transition to wire sculpting a natural one.
He has taught private lessons in the art of wire sculpture to custom jewellery makers.
Robert's work has been featured in the Port Hope Evening Guide and has been available through boutiques in the area.

Be sure to check out the December class schedule for a full class listing. To register for any of our classes, please call 416.701.1373 or toll free 1.877.473.2323

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