Sunday, December 09, 2012

The Joy of Metal Clay: Lilac Bloom Earings

I got some fabulous cookie cutters two weeks ago at a cake decorating store in my neighbour hood (Madame Gateaux, for those who were wondering).

The cookie cutter cuts both a shape and impresses as texture on the piece.

The fired result is this:

The groove on these pieces seemed perfect for a little colour so I added some Adirondack ink.  I just brushed it on, dried the piece then put it back in the tumbler to highlight the raised silver parts.

After tumbling they looked like this:

I slipped each piece onto a  piece of balled wire.  I used a pen with a tight fitting cap to shape the ear wires.  A simple and quick trick which there are many online tutorials on how to do this. Here is one link.

After I shaped the piece they are done:

Have a great Sunday!

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