Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Business Chat - The final push

One more shopping week people!

One last crazy push to not only get all your own shopping done, but one more week to make sales! It’s an insane time of year for those of us running our crafty businesses, we’re juggling a lot of balls right now and it’s tempting to let a few of those drop. Here are some tips to try and help you stay sane and make the most sales you can in the final push.
  1. Send out a newsletter telling your customers your LAST shipping day. Offering your customers an express shipping option (for a price) can boost those very last minute sales.
  2. Blog your final sales or shipping news.
  3. Blog or facebook quick gift ideas. Last minute shoppers are impulse buyers, give them something easy to buy.
  4. Decide if you'll be closing up your online shop for a week or two and let your customers know.
  5. If you have a calendar or holiday-themed item, make sure you push them so you don't get stuck with oodles of snowman jewelry.
  6. Share photos of your wrapped products or shipping envelopes to remind your customers they only have a few days left to shop!
  7. Remind people that you can ship to a third party and include a gift card with their choice of messages.
  8. Decide what little gift you're going to give yourself once it's all over.  This might be a physical item or a nice box of chocolates or a night out with friends.

Many small businesses shut down their online shops for a period between Christmas and New Years for a well-deserved break. Me, I stay open. I’ve found that I can do quite well during this period if I stay on peoples’ radar screens. A lot of people receive cash for Christmas, why not give them a place to spend it?

Stay focussed people! We're almost there! And there's a couch and chocolate just waiting for me! (in January). 

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