Monday, December 03, 2012


This is sort of a request for comments. What do you think of the term DIY? Do-it-yourself?  We've been seeing it in use for crafter, artisan, artist for a couple of years now.

It seems kinda weird to us - but maybe that's because it always implied a more home-renovation type use than people making jewelry.

So - are you a DIYer? Or do you think DIY is strictly for plumbing and kitchen cabinets?


Anonymous said...

DIY means I have to clean up myself because the cleaning ladies aren't coming until next week. LOL


Margot Potter said...

DIY has come to encapsulate the spirit of making, in all of the various expressions. I think it's a matter of language being fluid and things taking hold because they resonate. DIY is more than crafting, it's a way of approaching life.

I like it!


Fine Silver Girl said...

To me Do-it-yourself seems a bit odd in the craft world as I don't do jewelry, I create it.

I don't have a problem with the term though. It just seems odd.

The term create resonates with me. One could also use the term make-it-yourself but if I were to choose I would use Create-It-Yourself.

I feel strongely that create is an important word to use especially when I teach. I find many students lack confidence in their creative spirit and come to make something. One my goals when I teach is for students to leave feeling they have created something beautiful.

Go forth and CREATE!