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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

EMERALD! Pantone Colour of the Year 2013

PANTONE COLOR OF THE YEAR 2013 - Emerald 17-5641

PANTONE COLOR OF THE YEAR 2013 - Emerald 17-5641

"Lively. Radiant. Lush… A color of elegance and beauty                      
                        that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony."

“Green is the most abundant hue in nature — the human eye sees more green than any other color in the spectrum,” Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, said in a press release. “It’s also the color of growth, renewal and prosperity — no other color conveys regeneration more than green. For centuries, many countries have chosen green to represent healing and unity.”

The firm characterized emerald as “vivid, verdant” and “promoting balance and harmony,” according to the release. In contrast, 2012′s  “spirited” hue Tangerine Tango “provided the energy boost we needed to recharge and move forward.”

Emerald stones

I'll be sharing with you some exclusive designs incorporating emerald coloured beads. There are so many available to you at beadFX. If you go to our search page, and type EMERALD in the search box, you will be amazed at all the search results!!!!

There are even some inspirations that come up in the search, like this oldie but goodie, Emerald City.

I am going to have fun with this colour of the year!!!!

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