Monday, July 25, 2011

Pretty Pen

The pen is mightier than the sword - especially if you are using it to write cheques. ;-)

Looking for a thoughtful gift idea for someone that is not so big on jewelry? Those big hole "Pandora"-style beads fit on bead pens! Or, just make one for yourself.

From left to right, a spiral spacer, a girly-pink Swarovski crystal, another spiral spacer, and a dazzling diamond clear Swarovski spacer - cuz they are pretty. A Lion for courage; a rooster for Courage, Flamboyance and, er, "Cockiness"; a rabbit for fertility, and a teddy bear for love and family.

It makes for a pen that is instantly recognizable - making it much less likely for someone to casually walk off with it. And completely justifies you making a big deal about getting it back!

Might even inspire you to sit down and write that novel. Because if a best-selling urban fantasy novel can be written on the back of scraps of paper in spare minutes - surely you can do it too!

You can also customize a pen for a teacher, a mentor, a visiting guest, a friend, a relation. Commemorate a visit, a recovery, a special day or celebration! Pair it with the wooden presentation box.

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