Monday, July 18, 2011

Gilder's Paste to Add Contrast

The Gilders Paste is great for adding highlights, but what about low-lights - shadows? What if you want to use it to add contrast by revealing the texture?

Gilders Paste is quite thick - hence the word "paste" - and on the scale of some jewelry items - it does not necessarily go into the texture and stay there. If you've applied it, and it has wiped right off, this, or lack of "tooth" in your piece is probably the culprit. (Lack of tooth means it's too smooth.)

You can dilute the Gilders Paste with paint thinner or turpentine. Take a small measure of your solvent (I used a water bottle cap!) - and add a smear of paste. Apply with a cotton swab.

For instance - this Cinnabar bead - while lovely - is hard to see what the pattern is.

Adding diluted Gilders Paste adds contrast.

Same thing applies for these Art Clay pieces.

And having added depth - how about adding some highlights too - with Antique Gold.

The finished pieces. NOW you can see the pattern!


Gail DB said...

Really nice job; thanks for the instructions. And WHERE did you get those wonderful cinnibar pendants? They are too cool.

dragonjools said...

Marg picked them up in her travels. She knows I love everything "dragonian." Every once in a while, they come up in the store. They are usually in very limited supplies and sell out immediately! Apparently - I'm not the only dragon enthusiast out there!